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Shingi – Loyalty

It seems to me that many people today don’t live by the character traits that have led to success and have been the backbone of traditional religions and countless societies for thousands of years. One of these qualities, that is very important to me, is loyalty or an unswerving allegiance to certain people, organizations, or…

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Go no Sen and Sen no Sen

Hanshi Jeff Ader - Okinawa Karate Blog

“It’s All About Timing” In my earlier years I occasionally visited officer’s clubs on military installations where I was stationed and was always intrigued by seeing pilots, even on Army bases, talking with their hands describing their aerial tactics during training or combat missions. Get two combat fighter pilots together and you can tell from…

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7 Ways To Gain More Self-Confidence

Ader Sensei - Head Instructor of All Okinawa Karate & Kobudo in Colorado Springs

1. Learn to give and take graciously because true confidence cannot exist in a vacuum. Though it might not feel natural at first, the most confident people are those who are able to find a balance between helping others and asking for help when they themselves need it. 2. Arm yourself with the facts. When…

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Balance – The Focused Art of Centering


Centeredness or Focus is a general term referring to various areas of Classical martial arts. Depending on the specific style, different theories and breakdowns for study are taught to the students. When all is learned, one must return to the “one thought” or centeredness for success. There are thousands of martial arts techniques, but the…

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