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Coulda’, Woulda’, Shoulda’

Karate - 空手

I think of all the times in my life I’ve missed opportunities. Happens to the best of us I’m afraid. Opportunities, like time, are not in limitless supply. The trick is to be prepared before the opportunity ever presents itself. We must be ready so that when the door opens we can walk through without…

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Ma-ai (間合い) – Proper Distance and Timing

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The kanji for “ma-ai” means space, fit. The proper spacing that “fits” the situation is a crucial element in combat, especially if you add timing to this concept. This concept has been used in combat as long as we have recorded history. Let’s discuss this concept from a martial point of view and how that…

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Kaicho’s Korner: Matsumura Seito or Kenshin Kan?


Ader: Kaicho, thanks again for your willingness to share your expertise and wisdom. Ader: Kaicho, can you remember when you first heard the term Matsumura Seito and how you felt about the link to the history of Okinawa Karate. Kaicho: I started karate at the age of 3 and I must have heard the term…

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Duty (義理 Giri) – Principles of Bushido

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The concept of “Giri” contains elements from words like loyalty, duty, responsibility and obligation. The Japanese kanji that make up giri, translate as loyalty, reason. Or, in other words, duty is the reason for loyalty. In America this is a hard concept to explain because most of our citizens are brought up to be very…

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