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Wu Wei or Non-Action

The Chinese principle of Wu Wei or Non-Action is often misunderstood and seen as a weak or passive strategy. Often the brilliance of this thinking is overlooked or underrated. The concept is often explained with the example of the mighty oak tree breaking in half during a raging storm, while the lowly bamboo tree lays…

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The Code of Bushido Re-visited

Okinawa Martial Arts Blog

During the course of the last several weeks, I listed the 7 ideals of the Budoka. These are the same precepts the Samurai followed and are known to us as the Code of Bushido. Some of you may be saying “so what”. We aren’t Samurai. Truth be told, maybe we aren’t or should we be…

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Courage, The Spirit of Daring and Bearing – The Code of Bushido

Hanshi Jeff Ader - Okinawa Karate Blog

The first of the precepts is rectitude or “right thinking” but arguably the precept that precedes and is the foundation for all the others is Courage. Without courage none of the other precepts could or would be acted upon. Courage is not reckless but thoughtful. It is often doing what one fears despite the fear,…

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Honesty (真 Makoto) – Principles of Bushido

Ader Sensei - Head Instructor of All Okinawa Karate & Kobudo in Colorado Springs

This week I spoke with one of my black belts several times about the trait of honesty. We agreed that it is a principle that is in short supply but extremely important. Here are a few thoughts on the power of honesty. Being honest with ourselves, and others, is a key principle of success for…

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Benevolence – The Code of Bushido

One of my favorite quotes is the John Bunyon statement: “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” I believe that we, as martial artists, not only have the opportunity to help others but we have the duty to help others. We are the “strong ones”…

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