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The 5 Element Theory

Hei Jo Shin | Martial Arts Minute #1

The foundation of modern martial arts stems from deep-rooted Chinese theories and philosophies. Some of the more well-known are the yin-yang theory, the 5-element theory, the 8 primary angles of attack, and the 18 postures. Like the child’s game of rock, scissors and paper, each of these theories has an effect on the other and…

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Why do we do what we do?

Hanshi Jeff Ader - Okinawa Karate Blog

Over the last several weeks I’ve had conversations with a number of people about why they train and why I continue to train and teach into my 6th decade of martial arts training. Here are some thoughts. All the discussion started to make me question my own motivations. Why do I do what I do?…

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Understanding the Difference between Do and Jutsu

Ader Sensei - Head Instructor of All Okinawa Karate & Kobudo in Colorado Springs

Recently, in training, the differences between karate do and karate jutsu became apparent to me again and thought it might be time for another discussion. I think it is a significant part of our training to understand the differences and similarities. In Japanese, the word jutsu usually followed the name, or martial methodology, for which…

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