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Kaicho’s Korner: Matsumura Seito or Kenshin Kan?

KaichoAder: Kaicho, thanks again for your willingness to share your expertise and wisdom.

Ader: Kaicho, can you remember when you first heard the term Matsumura Seito and how you felt about the link to the history of Okinawa Karate.

Kaicho: I started karate at the age of 3 and I must have heard the term Matsumura Seito when I was young. I cannot remember exactly when I heard the term.
What I consider Matsumura Seito’s link to the history of Okinawa Karate is: Shuri-te and the lineage starting from Sakugawa Satonushi, then Matsumura Sokon, Nabi Tanmei, Soken Sensei, Hanshi-Sei and finally down to myself.

Ader: Kaicho, can you tell me what you see as the differences between Matsumura Seito and Kenshin Kan in general?

Kaicho: The root/the origin is the same. Some of the original Matsumura Seito techniques have been revised and changed by Hanshi-Sei and myself over the years in order to make the original techniques more effective and efficient.

Ader: How are they similar? What technical methods and philosophies and concepts do they share?

Kaicho: 1. Simultaneous defense and attack 2. Change body

Ader: It seems that Hanshi Sei considers what he teaches to be Matsumura Seito and you seem to consider yours Kenshin Kan. Is that true and if so can you share some key differences between the way you and Hanshi Sei approach them?

Kaicho: That is not true. The core of what I teach is based on what Hanshi Sei has taught over the years. After all, I learned Matsumura Seito karate from Soken Sensei and Hanshi Sei. However, I also studied other styles and try to offer relevant knowledge, which may be helpful for the federation members to grow as a karate-ka. Some members may think that I only focus on tournament katas, but that is not true. Now I use the term ‘tanren’ instead of ‘sports’.

I include tanren katas and other deep stance moves in the training for strength building. Also, I would like to encourage young members to take part in various forms of tournaments. Training for tournaments will help them develop good techniques and forms, also it will help them build mental stamina and confidence.

Ader: Thanks Kaicho. I appreciate your time.

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